Ed Kingman              April 2019         April 2021

John Rudibaugh
Secretary                  April 2019         April 2021

Vince D'Anna            April 20
20         April 2022    

Roger Campbell        April 20
20        April  2022

Ronald Lee               April 20
20         April 2022
Vice President

Tish Lee                    April 2020         April 2022

Eric Terzuolo             April 2020         April 2022
Board Members
Association of Owners Pilot Point Condominiums
The Board of Directors is always looking for volunteers to serve on the board and to serve on various
committees such as finance, architectural, landscaping, maintenance and legal.  If you have expertise in any field
that may be helpful to the Association and be willing to contribute a few hours of your time to help our
community, then please contact Kathy at Legum and Norman