Association of Owners Pilot Point Condominiums
Rules and Regulations
OCCUPANCY LIMITS:  No more than eight (8) persons may occupy any unit unless all such persons are blood relatives of a unit
Penalty is $100 fine.

FIREPLACE USE:  The use of artificial logs in unit fireplaces is prohibited due to the excessive heat for free standing fireplaces and
high build-up of combustibles inside the chimney.

ELECTRIC, CHARCOAL OR GAS GRILL FIRES ON DECKS:  The use of grills of any sort is prohibited on or under any decks or porches
or within ten feet of any structure.  Individuals in violation will be held financially responsible for fire loss damage.  Penalty is a  fine
of One Hundred Twenty Five Dollars  ($125.00)
TRASH:  Trash should be placed at curb in the container.  Pick-up days are Monday and Thursday, early in the morning (7am).  
Please do not leave trash inside house when leaving.

PARKING:  Parking is limited near each unit.  Park carefully; use no more space than is needed.  Occupants having more than one
car are asked to park the extra cars in the available spaces away from their unit in the areas immediately to the right and left on
entering Pilot Point.  All commercial vehicles, trucks, campers’ etc. are expressly prohibited from the parking area adjacent to the
units.  Penalty is $25 fine per day.

BOATS AND TRAILERS:  All boats and trailers must be parked in the open area to the left of the entrance of Pilot Point.

DOGS:  The City of Lewes and Sussex county dog laws are strict and enforced.  No dog is allowed out of control of its owner.  From
has a $50 fine for the first offense.

PARTIES AND NOISE RULES:  House parties and beach parties are to respect an 11:00 p.m. quiet time.  Beach parties must clean
and cover all fires.  Because of the proximity of the units, tenants should exercise care that noise emanating from the unit does not
disturb others.

CLOTHING HANGING FROM UNIT:  No clothing, towels or blankets shall be aired or displayed so as to be visible from the street or

TENNIS COURTS:  The tennis courts are for the use of the owners, their guests, and renters. Occasionally it may be necessary to
use a sign up sheet available at the tennis court to reserve playing time.
                                                                             Code of Regulations Amended   
An owner wishing to make a change should contact L & N to obtain a unit
Change Form. After filling out this change form
completely, the original and 3 copies should be returned to L & N. The Council will review the application at their next meeting and
return an answer by mail of their decision on the unit change requested within sixty days.